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St. Thomas Grocery

St. Thomas Grocery Delivery Service

Time Saver VI started its St. Thomas delivery grocery service in 2015 and continuously developed a fast and convenient way to get provisions to the British Virgin Islands. Today, we provide an easy-to-use website for convenient online ordering. We even offer St. Thomas alcohol delivery.

St. Thomas grocery makes it easy to get fresh produce, seasonal fruits and vegetables, miscellaneous pantry items, and things like bug spray. Time Saver VI St. Thomas alcohol delivery maintains partnerships with vendors, distributors, and wholesalers, so our customers have a variety of choices. If you want a pina colada but don’t want to leave the villa, you can order online and get your alcohol and mixers delivered.

St. Thomas grocery makes it easy to go to the grocery store without wasting time. Even better? You don’t need to spend vacation money on expensive cocktails when you can whip them up at home using our St. Thomas alcohol delivery service. Why not save that extra money for snorkeling or parasailing?

Whether you’re renting a vacation villa or live here in a private home, alcohol delivery is an amenity that feels like a real luxury. After all, if you have a private villa, you’re likely to want to stay put.

St. Thomas grocery makes it easy to enjoy life.

Shop for St. Thomas alcohol delivery, then stop by the produce section for fresh fruit. Grab some cheese and miscellaneous supplies. And, if there’s something you need, head over to the specialty section and submit a request. We’ll do our best to find it for you.

Give our St. Thomas alcohol delivery a try and let us know what you think.

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